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I don't remember what game it is... Star Wars: The Old Republic or Final Fantasy XI... might've been a different game too.


Anyways, great log customization, I could have all of the combat log in one tab and all of the dialogue in another tab.


Sometimes I dislike being interrupted in the midst of my adventuring with the banter pauses in Baldur's Gate. Is it possible to have a separate Log which handles Dialogue? Either by its separate window or a tab. I would like that a lot.


Lots of Feedback! :D


But to the point, being able to initiate dialogues whilst you are walking without an entire dialogue interface. Your companion says something and you can choose to engage in the conversation or not. There could be a timer in the Dialogue Log, so you only have a certain amount of time to answer these banters. Leaving the area you are in with a banter started would also negate it.


Could this effect friendship sometimes? If you ignore your companions too much they will take less like to you.


The only issue I can think of:

- Your companion starting a discussion in the midst of combat, avoid this.


An example:


"Gorion would be proud of your actions! :D" - Khalid

Showing up as text, with choices underneath it ("Yes Khalid, he would" or "Maybe" or even "Can you please stop?"). Not answering wouldn't make Khalid less friendly though, but there could be other "outbursts", "icebreakers" and similar between the companions and you, or companions vs companion banter that you can interact with and butt into which would effect "friendship".


I think that Jaheira blurts out something like "Don't come close to me" when Xzar (mechanically, in-game) is too close to her (a generic voiced "Jaheira doesn't like the evil alignment", again, this doesn't even have to be voiced).



Technically, you can intimidate someone without intending to follow through with any percieved "threat". I know some people would say that's now considered a "bluff", and would fall under that skill, but it's not.


To demonstrate what I mean, here's an example:


Intimidate Dude has 30 ranks of intimidate, and 0 Bluff.


Intimidate dude can say:


[intimidate] Gimme dat kitten, or I'ma smoke yer arse.

[bluff] Gimme dat kitten, or I'ma smoke yer arse.


Both are legitimate, even if Intimidate dude has no intention of following through with his threat. Just because you don't -really- plan on killing a guy over a kitten doesn't mean you're any less scary, or that you couldn't apply your skill in intimidation to trying to manipulate your target. Ultimately, that's what this entire thread comes down to. The tags are there so that you can apply your skills to your conversations, and know which skill you're using. It's not an "I win" button. It's an "I'm using my skills that I've worked for now" button.


Indeed the whole "I win" has to do with what the devs choose to use as responses not due to the use of tags to let gamers know what dialoge options have skills or other things involved in their use and I suspect we will find a large number of tag-able options in PE - or at least I hope so.


Could, examples, "Bluff" and "Intimidate" ("Speech Skill" could suffice) be Active Abiltiies used in the game interface (and not in a Dialogue interface)? E.g., Right-Click on target, choose Bluff/Speech Skill when you can respond (could give you 1 to 2 more options/choices in the dialogue log, depending on what your prime speech skill is: Humble? Intimidating? Persuasive? Bluffer?)



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