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Eternity-themed music

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I found it cool that the Project was named Project Eternity and happened to be a fantasy-based RPG.


Because my sound card drivers in Windows XP don't like the Infinity Engine games, I have to play with the in-game music disabled. Along with the game soundtracks this is one of the things I listen to when playing them.


One of my favourite bands, Dargaard made a trilogy of three albums which was sort of called the Eternity trilogy


Eternity Rites (1998)


In Nomine Aeternitatis (2000)




The Dissolution of Eternity (2001)




Not all the tracks sound the same, but those are probably my favourites from each album.


For Dragonlance fans there's also a Dragonlance-themed track on their last album Rise and Fall


Does anyone else have any non-soundtrack music that puts them in the Infinity Engine mood ?

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