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New Game + vs Once Finished I'm Done  

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  1. 1. Which type of replay are you more interested in?

    • New Game +
    • Once Finished I’m Done.
    • A never-ending game with no possibility of ever ending…ever.
    • You don't care, its all good.

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Meh, I want it to be the type of game where I start it up again straight away with a new character and see how choosing differently from the first character changed the game.


That's the kind of replay I'm interested in.


Same for me. Is this supposed to be the 'Once Finished, I'm Done' option? I didn't select it because once I finish, I'm far from done... I have new characters to make, after all.


EDIT TO ADD: I don't usually care for New Game+, because I've already beaten the game with that character. They've done it already, so it's time for a new character to do it. I've never encountered a realistic enough reason for that exact same character to go back through the exact same story line (even if I were to choose different options, it would still be the same general story line); I always wind up quitting and playing a new character instead. I know some people like New Game+, but my brain is just not wired for it.


Nah I love to reuse the same character again, so long as the companions you pick up along the way are varied enough, for example taking my PC through BG2 and trying out the various romances :)

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