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First off all I want to say that I'm a great fan od BG, Fallout series and I'm very excited about Your upcoming Project. I would like here to share with You with few of my thoughts about Project Eternity: what I would like to see and what unnecessarily.





Most of the major RPGs, games that take place in fantasy worlds are starting in the same schema/have similar openings:

The major character wake up in a prison cell with amnesia, don't knowing about himself nor how has he ended like this.


Maybe it's time to change that.


I would like to face a character who's sitting in an Inn with a cup of ale, thinking about how miserable he and his life is (killed familiy, blame, debt etc. ). Who wants to end it.

A character that finds himself at a wrong time and place. He observes:

  • a fight in the Inn (someone takes him as a person involved in all this mess),
  • a robbery,
  • a contract killing,
  • someone running from something puts an object in his pocket,

A character that during many circumstances finds his life purpose. A persong who's destiny is to become a hero.






I know that next to epic quests with depth story there must be simple ones. They make us belive that something is happening in the world and it's not empty.


What side quests I would like to see:

  • a common village hidding a horrible secret: vanishing children, a sect that makes rituals celebrated in honor of a Forbidden god,
  • a rogue mage living in a tower that rememmbers ages, who's experimenting with forbidden, dark magic, who does not allow souls of his victims to rest in peace
  • Organization of contract killers. Location: somewhere beneath the earth. They hire us, want us to join, intimidate us, want to kill.


Most companions join us when we fulfill their demands - do that and I will join your group. Our camarades should evolve with us.

For example we are near a place that is strong connected to their stories and they ask us if we could make roundabout way and check something,for example: to solve the mystery of the death of his family.




There must be a NPC like Cromwell(dwarf), a character whose skills in crafting are famous, legendary in the created fantasy world (maybe a side quest with him - exploration of a dungeon in search of a lost item ). A NPC responsible for heavy armor crafting.

Other characters for other type of armor - elves for light armor, bows.


Professions like herbalist, alchemist (minor healing potions etc.), first aid(light bandages etc.) should be learnable.

Crafting of epic, end-game items should be left to NPCs.


A compromise is needed in this matter.


Spellcasters, spellcasting, fatigue and ZzzZZZzzz


It's normal that a weak mage is not a challange for a warior or for other class. High level mage should bend the power at his will.


Personally I would like to have a fatigue factor that acts on character spellcasting capability. For example: I visit a Inn, get smashed with % and I can't cast a high-level spell that requires focus from my char. The same goes when my main char don't sleep for more than 'x' hours or is poisoned and is going numb. Low level spells are not affected by this factor or the range scales with my level.


A caster should be able to use all common low level spells like: making a light, pointer or unlocking simple locks, minor healing locating magical auras etc. and few really powerfull ones.

Maybe learning spells from lost for ages scrolls - spells that used too frequently affect characters soul.


I don't know if a mana pull is a good idea but fatique factor should affect it (even in the smallest degree) - character is tired and his spells are less effective when he's rested, the same goes with mana pull restoration.


Using "rest/sleep" button to frequently is making the game less fun. Character should have the opportunity to rest within few hours of his journey instead 2 hours. Crafetd or buyed bandages for minor wounds and hp drops should make the job.





... or endings depending which way will we choose (i would like to choose not only from dark and light/good or evil options but from "grey" aswell) should be epic, explaining, giving hope or announcing the arrival of peace/ dark clouds in the future.Or nothing at all.

Sacrifice of the main character for the sake of the world is also an option.






ps. sorry for my bad english, I hope that it's readable.

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