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Replayability and cutting content based on playstyle/character

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One of the great things in the older games is the fact, that they have a very high replayability... Even after all these years, when I touched on the Fallout series (F2 in this case) I was nicely surprised by some events that I did not find in all of my previous plays. It required a specific set of skills to be unlocked.


I also liked that in Alpha Protocol - game options and dialogs were tied to your relationships and mission records


I hope that these kind of features will be maintained... I want to see skills, stats, mission history, allegiance, etc. to play a ROLE in an RPG game.


The worst disappointment was to me in the most recent years the ME3. Even though it had some of the past choices affecting some parts of the ME3 play, the highly important one from past plays (Councilor, council, Rachni, Collector base, and more) were made irrelevant, not to mention that classes and skill had no effect on the play whatsoever. I am bringing this example only because the devs there justified that, to allow a player experience all the content and not cut on anything important.


A plea:


Please do cut even vast portions of the game (quests, organizations, etc.) if my choices logically lead to such outcomes. I will always have something new to find out, when I will start the game for my second, 10th, or even 50th time.

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