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Open/Play/Mix and .wave file from [StreamSounds]

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Since 2004, I've been desperately wanting to know the title of the little tune that's looped in the bar on Nar'Shaddaa. It's not on the OST as it's a short ambient sound effect in .wav format. For the past countless hours I wrestled with numerous software and KOTOR Tool to try and open this file from the mysterious [streamSounds] folder. After much trial and error I've figured it out.


The reason these files are such a pain to import is because they actually aren't encoded or compressed at all. They are RAW, decompressed, MONO (originally 10Khz but now 22) dinky little .wav files. Simply trying to open them with even the most popular software (i.e. Miles Sound Studio is what everyone seems to like around here) from their origin drive paths will not work. At least, this is what I've come to believe after much scouring through tutorials, audio forums, TSL forums. I've actually had to piece to together the solution using various indirect data because there actually isn't a thread about this anywhere.


All you have to do is a few steps:


Download the free trial of Audacity. I got it here: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/. Seemed like a clean link. Install.


Once in the program, bring down "File," then drop down to "Import", and then again to "Raw Data."


Now simply navigate through the folder paths till you find your [soundStreams] folder in the main Kotor2 directory.


Click on a file of your choice. Have fun.


Oh and make sure you adjust the play rate accordingly once the loop on the mixing track. They default to 44000 or something like that, which is WAY too fast for an old MONO sound byte. Since the "HD" (hehe..right) sound patch from Obsidian most sound files play at a 22050Khz rate now. And to create a smooth loop just copy the sound byte and paste it right next to itself (be sure to connect the .wavs just right or you'll get either a pause or an overwrite) a couple times and you've got a loop to mix.


And by the way, my favorite little jingle is titled "al_bar_beat_3".

And for you classical fans, Javyar's Cantina theme is broken into "al_club_beat_1" and 2 respectively. Perhaps they intended to add it to a cantina somewhere.

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Either I'm doing something wrong or the above steps don't work anymore. :/ While importing raw data to Audacity I only get a track full of noise and static. Do you have any ideas how to resolve it?

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