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Hey there,


I did a couple of playthroughs and I wanted to share something that I mentioned during it.

Particularly --- enchanting.


now, enchanting was introduced in ToS DLC.


basically what you do to enchant is you use special elixirs on your items to permanently improve their stats.

there are two types of elixirs:

- minor (+5 to 1 of the attributes)

- major (+25 to 1 of the attributes)


there's no limit to improving stats, one of my amulets has Stagger value of 340 smth and I'm sure lots of people have more than that.

at some point I just became bored with enchanting as my Kat delivers 4k+ crits and literally destroys enemies before stagger can even be considered.


there are however a few things to be noted:

- one item can only have 6 stats, count in Will, Agility, etc. as well as Chaos stuff and Momentum and all of them

if the item already has 6 stats then you cannot enchant it with another stat, although you can still enchant it to improve any of the stats currently present on the item

- enchanting costs gold, and further enchantments will cost you more and more

enchanting with Minor elixir basically costs 1/3 of enchanting with Major elixir (but Major elixir provide 5 times more attributes so they have to be considered as the best cost-effective option)

note that once you enchant an item, item's gold cost will also grow.

- most important: despite there's lots of stats in DS3, only a few can be improved by enchanting. these are:

Retribution (useless), Warding (total sh*t), Chaos: Vampire (somewhat useful but heavily depends on the character u're playing with), Stagger (its a stun so why not), Doom (imho, the best enchantment available for any class considering that Doom grants you moar damage if your attack speed is slower and Doom also affects abilities). I yelled at my 50'' TV and my wife yelled at me while I tried hard to gain other elixirs and wasted a whole bunch of artifacts to gain Momentum or something else, but no luck with it so far. I find it rather stupid but so be it.


What contains elixirs and how to gain 'em:

- kill mobs and bosses as well and looooot

- some chests contain elixirs ---- looot

- I also once gained an elixir by destroying a barrel of some sort in the Desert, it seems like a very rare case but maybe I'm just not lucky enough

- and of course you can Transmute any item from the Items screen, with a chance of getting an elixir if the item contains one or more attributes that are eligible for enchanting (see above). The better the item the bigger is the chance. Once I even gained two Major elixirs from destroying an artifact ring. Was a good 15k gold ring though. Still I don't regret.


However, elixirs ARE precious and rare and you cannot waste them or you will soon find your character delivering less DPS than mine and that will not make you happy.


How to minimize spent gold:

Enchanting is one thing that makes gold in this game useful. Prior to ToS, gold was only for buying from vendors who sell stuff that is usually not worth a hero.

The trick here is rather simple but you have to have patience and not waste your precious gold and elixirs on that ****ty +5 Will sword of yours.Here is the explanation:

- Enchanting jewelry costs less than enchanting an armor or weapon

- Jewelry grants only a few base stats, what this means is that you don't care if you receive a +10 WIll/+10 Stamina ring at the end of the game and your old as hell enchanted ring has only +5Will- forget the f*cking Will, you will have +300 Doom or something on your ring by that time.

- Enchanting "green" items costs less than enchanting blues or artifacts


So, in the end, the best item to enchant is a green ring or amulet with stats that enchanting CANNOT grant (i.e. Chaos: Ice or Stamina or Will, etc). My "useless crappy amulet of nothing" has above 200 Doom and Stagger and Chaos:Vampire and also grants 1 armor and 3 Chaos:ice.


If you're too lazy to read all this sh*t above or you're too stupid to understand:

1) do NOT use elixirs at the beginning of the game.

2) do NOT enchant weapons or armor, ONLY jewelry and ONLY of the "green" colour

3) DO wait for the first "green" amulet or a ring with some useful attributes (like Chaos: Ice or Momentum or even some Stamina to be fat and ugly) and then unleash all your enchanting might on it while laughing as your stats grow insanely.

4) ... and then wait for the 2nd ring/amulet and repeat step 3 again

5) gain PROFIT and enjoy not reading all the stuff above



i'm not really pretending to be precise in everything so if I made some mistakes please kill me correct.

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