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This isn't Dungeon Siege. This doesn't deserve the title of Dungeon Siege. Square Enix can go fist themselves. You, Obsidian should hang your heads in shame. You haven't released a working game since 2006.


When I went to write this, I meant to praise you, but looking at what you've released in the last 6 years, you've really not done anything special. I don't know why you're such a popular developer.



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"When I went to write this, I meant to praise you, but looking at what you've released in the last 6 years, you've really not done anything special."


I don't hold it against you that you didn't enjoy the game, but that passage makes no sense. I mean, if you came to write something, and meant to praise Obsidz, why would you suddenly decide you didn't find them praiseworthy? If you came intending to praise the developer, you'd think you had something for which to praise them. If you created an account without knowing anything about them, why would you praise them? You subsequently came to understand their games after setting your mind on praising them? Did you set your mind to praise them several years ago, create this account, see the games, and at that very point decide you actually hate them?


I don't spend as much time on the forum as I did in the past, and I certainly never really liked fighting with disgruntled players even when I was here more often, but your post is non-sensical. At any rate, if you hate the game, fair enough. Different strokes for different folks. I've been quite happy with the game. To be fair, I think I felt more or less the same way about Dungeon Siege 2. Maybe not the depth of feeling, but I was disappointed.

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How exactly is this a review? There's not a single mention of what you actually disliked about it. Reviews tend to involve detailed sentences and paragraphs about what you liked/didn't like, and what worked/didn't work in the game.


As Cantousent said, it's well within your right to say you didn't like the game. But you didn't "review" anything. You ranted.


As an aside, I clicked on the video link thinking you'd made a video review, but instead all it was was the theme for Dungeon Siege. What was the point behind linking to that video?

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