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Anything else?

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I'm obviously not a developer on the game and I have no insider information, but I'd imagine Treasures of the Sun was the first and last DLC and that, since there seem to be no other notable bugs, there won't be new patches either.


Whoa... missed the announcement of "last DLC"... what happened? Less than desirable sales?


EDIT: woops, you're assuming this was the last DLC, sorry...

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Yeah, sorry if I was unclear, I don't think there will be any other DLC other than Treasures of the Sun. Furthermore, the Square Enix guy in charge of both the full title and the DLC now isn't working there anymore.


I honestly have no idea if Square Enix has more plans for the franchise as a whole, but I'm doubting we'll see anything more for Dungeon Siege III proper. Ofc, this is just my speculation and I have no insider source or know anything more than you do, so unless the developers state something similar, it doesn't ultimately hold much value.

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Well hopefully the franchise is in the right hands with SE... I'd hate to see it die :)


We'll see. It's only been half a year since III's release and it could go either way from what we know so far about Square's intention. Sales seem to be ok/well considering the game had a rather low/tight budget (compared to other major releases)


Of course, that also means that DS doesn't seem to be considered an important franchise by Square. Furthermore they are launching with several new IP's in the coming years. So that's worrysome.


We just have to wait.

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