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Hello! I recently bought Dungeon Siege 3 and the dlc. But got some questions...


First of all I don't know if I should go human build or fire build because I like them both. Maybe hybrid?

I don't know what spec to choose and i would like so help with 'em.


Also I believe that its possible to respec with the new dlc but i don't know how/where I can do it.


Would appreciate any help I could get!



EDIT: I also wonder how I should my companion, Lucas.

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Respecing is inside of the DLC itself. You can access the DLC after completing the Grand Chapterhouse quest and opening the portal to bring Odo and Martin to the Grand Chapterhouse.


As for builds, those are of personal preference. A purely human build is for up close and personal combat, while a purely flame build is for long range attacks. The best I've seen and come across personally is a combo build. Pick a few talents from the flame form and a few talents from the human build and specialize in those talents alone. The human build is for the up close and personal combat when monsters get too close and you can't get away. The flame build is of course for long range attacks.


As for lucas, build him up to be a tank. Take skills that enhance his defensive capabilities. This way he can soak damage and stay alive longer. It's the best build for him while he is your companion and you are using a weaker character like Anjali, the mage guy and the gun girl as your main avatar in the game.

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