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what if scenario

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Since the boss-scaling was implemented with the DLC and this does make things a bit tougher, is it possible to uninstall the game fully, reinstall just the regular game, and reload the saves to finish the regular game before reinstalling the DLC? I am trying to finish on hardcore, am lvl 17 with the warrior guy and the girl who shoots the guns and I am having a super hard time on rajani, 2nd phase. Lvled up several times and with the scaling im not making any headway.


if my whatif-scenario cannot be done, would appreicate any good tips for that combo.



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When I completed Hardcore I was with Katarina...and to be honest it was the last fight/encounter where I had tough times. In her second form the most dangerous things is those multiple spears...and I think that if you run after her, going "face 2 face" the chance for her to release those spears decreases. Apart from that I have no tips! Anyway with Lucas mostly you should expect a lot of cheap deaths. The last boss from the DLC in his second "form" hit me around 7k damage lol. After you beat Rajani make sure to go into the dungeon where the Hall of Heroes is and make level 35. I can't remember that place name...and after you have all skills/skill enchants and talents maybe you will stand a chance.

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