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A little suggestion making things harder

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After completing The main Game on difficult Hardcore, and almost done with the DLC (busy with Molochi) i would wonder if there's any chance for a major patch. What i would like to see is as the game progresses, it would get even harder, as you could use all four characters together in battle.


Maybe this could be a setting at the difficult screen, to allow this. If you enable this, the difficult should offcourse get harder after you get more and more Companions in your team.


:: Cmd_laurens

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You can only have one sidekick at a time, though, so you can never use all 4 together in battle.


If you mean co-op, you can start with 4 from the beginning, anyway.

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Do you mean by sidekick a companion? Sorry english is not my mother language and i just don't got that word. :ermm:


What i asked was, that if it would be possible to see some king of update, which makes it possible to have all the four companions (controlled by the AI/Computer however you call it). How they enter? Well, in the order that you meeted them up.


About dialogue influence stuff, i don't think this can be mixed up as the companion will only answer when you choose the option that he prefers. If not, i guess they maybe could say what they think about it one by one.


To make it then a bit harder, the difficult should improve a bit when more companions are in the Game.


EDIT: I am not sure if this is possible for a major patch, but i know that Square Enix once allowed a patch for Supcom 2 which was a major patch that changed a majority in the systems.

(the economy remake)

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The search engine is on the top right of the screen.


Unfortunately, I doubt we'll see major changes like that in a patch, cmd_laurens - it sometimes happens, but it's really not very common.

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