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Discussion Thread Starter on the topic of the Treasures of the Sun DLC's Enchanting mechanic.


My impression and suggestions:

Although the addition of Enchanting is a great way to add a world of customization to DS3, it seems unbalanced to be able to add effects to ANY piece of equipment (despite my usual support of building overpowered characters through innovation). The balancing factor is tremendous Gold cost of enchanting and the rarity of obtaining Essences through transmutation or drops.

SUGGESTION: Possibly make some Enchants equipment specific and add caps for the value of the attribute bonus. Or add a chance of failure after a certain threshold (reduced cost)


Major Essences are cost ~50% less per point of added attribute than adding Minor Essences.

SUGGESTION: I would really appreciate the ability to combine Minor Essences into Major Essences.

SUGGESTION: Transmutation of Enchanted items always return at least 1 or 50%+ of the current Enchantments on the equipment. So Enchanting its exclusive for late/post game


Also, Transmuting Legendary items (Gold naming) results in a 100% major essence obtainment rate if the item had a viable attribute (Doom, Chaos: Vampire, Retribution, Stagger and Warding). Additionally, if the Gold item was bought from a shop, then it will return to the shop and be able to be purchased again.


I am also saddened that Enchanting is limited to adding only a few attributes: Doom, Chaos: Vampire, Retribution, Stagger and Warding.

SUGGESTION: I hope to see future DLC's that add to this list of possible Enchantments.

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