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PS3 no sound! Please help.



I bought the game some days ago for my PS3 Slim 160GB.

I have the most recent system update for my PS3, which is 3.73.

I have installed the game, updated it with the new patch, which is 1.02 and the game still doesnt have any audio.

I have tried to reinstall the game a couple of times, without the new patch.Still no audio.

After that i tried to reinstall it a couple of times with the new patch.After that tried to restart the ps3.

Still No Voice, No background music, No audio at all. Even in the entering movie/trailer, the cut scenes. I dont have any audio even while im browsing the MENU!!!!!

My ps3 works fine with every other games and softwares, i have.That is the only game that gives me this problem...


Can someone please help me out?

I saw kinda the same topics, but it was for PC users and xbox 360 users.That's why i posted a new one.

I checked all the previous topics, but unfortunately there wasnt any solution to the problem. :/

I hope they will release a new patch soon, that will fix the audio problem.

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