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NPC speech problem, not sure if its sound related



I'll list my computer spec, just in case there are any arguments...


CPU: AMD 550 BE (2.9GHz)

RAM: 4GB ddr3-1033

video: NVIDIA 550Ti 1G ddr5 (not overclocked)

OS: Win7-32bit ultimate


I believe those should be enough to tell you guys that i have good enough hard ware spec to run the game..... but every time i play, pretty much the graphics intensive area, i get lag when NPC are talking, i'll give you an example...


if a village were to say

" I have a pretty busy day ahead, please don't bother me "

in actuality on my computer, it would sound like this... not really distorted, but rather extended

" Iiii hhhaaavvveee aaa pprrrrrttyyyy bbbbbuuuu......" < i'm sure u get the picture


at first, i thought perhaps the scene is a bit too graphically intensive, so i try to rotate the camera a bit, to lower the background rendering... but that didn't help


so i'm thinking 2 things, whether my CPU isn't powerful enough, or there is a bottleneck on the system


anyone else has similar problem?



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Some have reported that putting the ds3 process on Low Priority (through Task Manager) solves the issue.

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