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When buying from traders.....

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Maybe I am missing something obvious but when buying from traders, is there any way to know what items you and and selected partner CANNOT use? I've lost count of amount of times I've bought something thinking Anjali or Lucas could use it only to find it's useless.


Could the upcoming patch not address this issue? Maybe by limiting what's on sale to whatever characters are in your party at the time?

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Yeah, look at the giant faces staring at you directly behind/above the items in question. This applies for every time you ever see any item - on the ground, picked up, in your menu, in stores.


All items are also always ordered by Rings -> Amulets -> Anjali -> Lucas -> Reinhardt -> Katarina.

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Wow. Can't believe I didn't notice the faces behind the text! Thanks


Yeah, in one of my first topics I complained why aren't the items your character can't use reddened not noticing giant blatant obvious portraits on each item for each character. Such is the way of brain and habits...

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