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6/22/11 DSIII Patch Killed DS and Steam client/account



I bought Dungeon Siege III via an electronic purchase from EBGames, which downloaded the file on Steam. I am running Windows Home Premium x64. DSIII worked fine until this afternoon, it did an update. After the update, I started received an update. The update apparently did something to several things: 1) When running the game, it says, "Game unavailable - try again later." As part of their troubleshooting, the site said to rename a .blob file. I did this and could no longer get into my Steam account - I did not remember my password. I went to the site to reset the password. It sent an email, containing a code and a link. The link went to a site which asked for the code and the answer to my security question. Despite entering both correctly, it indicated one or the other was wrong. I went to the Steam support site - it asked for my password. On another suggestion from the Steam support site, it said to try running DSIII from the command line - when I do, it indicates it now requires a 32-bit operating system.


So I'm kind of stuck - I restored the backup of the blob file and I can log in, but the game won't play, and I can't reset my password. I tried contacting Valve from several respects: By Phone: They indicate they do not give support via phone (for anything). By email: They indicate they are too busy to read my email or respond. By Fax: no response. I tried contacting Square Enix - same result. I contacted EB Games - they say they will respond in 3 days, but probably will indicate to contact Valve.


What do I do? I'm trying to redownload it, but suspect it might still not work, and may try to reinstall the patch again.

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