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Dungeon Siege III: FAQ

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Dungeon Siege III FAQ
This is an unofficial FAQ compiled for convenience, and does not come from Obsidian Entertainment. Please PM Tigranes if you want to see something added or if anything is incorrect.

General Information

What is Dungeon Siege III?
Dungeon Siege III, or DS3, is an action role playing game for PC, Xbox360 and PS3 developed by Obsidian Entertainment, also responsible for Fallout: New Vegas, Alpha Protocol and other titles. It is being published by Square Enix, who owns the Dungeon Siege franchise. Gas Powered Games, the original developers of the series a decade ago, are involved as consultants. You choose from 4 distinct characters with their own unique abilities and skills either in single-player mode, or in co-operative mode (both local and online).

When will Dungeon Siege III be released?
Dungeon Siege III is scheduled for release in June 17, 2011 for Europe, June 21, 2011 for North America, and 28 July, 2011 for Japan. A demo showcasing a cut-down version of the first few areas is also available for all three platforms - check on Steam, PSN or Xbox Live.

What are the technical specifications for Dungeon Siege III (PC)?
The specifications are as follows:
  • OS: Windows XP SP3, Vista SP1, Windows 7
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.5 GHz or equivalent
  • Memory: 1.5 GB
  • Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 3870 or NVIDIA 9800 GT
  • DirectX®: DirectX® 9.0c
  • Hard Drive: 4 GB for full installation
  • Sound: No accelerated sound hardware required
Recommended: (In addition to Minimum)
  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Core i5 750 2.67 GHz or equivalent
  • Memory: 2 GB
  • Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 4870 or NVIDIA GTX 260
For players who do not meet the minimum specifications, however, we recommend that you try the demo. Numerous players have reported that the game runs smoothly even when slightly under minimum specifications.

Does the PC version of Dungeon Siege III use DRM?
On PC, DS3 makes use of Steamworks. This means that all PC versions of DS3, wherever it was purchased, must be run through Steam. Note that you can run Steam on 'offline mode'.

How moddable is Dungeon Siege III? Will we see toolsets?
There has been no official word on this yet, but DSIII is the first game to use Onyx, Obsidian's own proprietary engine. Any toolset release would have to be developed by Obsidian.

Game Features and Tweaks

Some useful tips?
Remember that you can:
  • Hit F (or 'Right' on the D-Pad) to access the equipment screen directory, without going through other menus.
  • Hit ESC (or 'Start') and go to Help to see an explanation of character abilities and stances, item properties (such as 'Momentum'), and more.
  • You generally cannot be damaged when you are rolling; it can be a reliable way of avoiding damage in important moments.
  • You can crack open most crates and barrels by attacking them, to find some small-time loot inside.
  • On PC, you can hold down the mouse wheel, or hold left alt + right mouse button to rotate the camera a little.

How do I save my game?
You can save at save points - glowing orange beams of light found across the world (the first one is found just after escaping Montbarron Estate). Stand in the beam then press the Use button (E on PC, RB on Controller) to access the save menu.

How do I heal my character? Or: healing is too difficult!
DS3 uses a combination of item properties, health orb drops and character abilities to heal, rather than spells & potions. While this means that you can't just pop a potion when your health runs low, this means you will always have a way to heal yourself at any given time. You can find health orb drops from dead enemies and crates. Every character has a 'defensive' stance, and the first ability always allows you to heal by using up a 'power orb' (the purple orbs below the focus bar). Power orbs are filled by using your other abilities. There are also item properties that allow you to steal life per hit, or increase your HP (the 'Stamina' stat).

How does blocking work? Why do I take damage even when I am blocking?
Blocking drains focus, and some attacks - usually special attacks - can do some damage even when you are blocking. If you are holding block while surrounded by enemies, you will see your focus drain fast, so you cannot do it forever. The amount of focus that is spent can be reduced by improving your block score.

How does DS3's multiplayer work?
DS3's multiplayer is for co-operative play only. It supports many variations of co-op play, including local co-op where the players are physically in the same space (on all platforms), and online co-op over Steam, PSN or Xbox Live. Co-op generally works by having a host player create a campaign, then other players joining that game. Each player chooses one of the 4 characters available. The game can continue even when some or all of the players quit or drop out, as long as the host remains present.

It also allows hot-seat co-op; other players can jump in to 'take over' an abandoned character, or the same player can jump in and jump out at various points while the game is being played. The chosen character will retain all XP and loot it had earned throughout the game, and may receive additional XP to catch up with other characters. Skill points earned this way is not spent automatically, but by the player.

Characters are saved locally onto each campaign; characters cannot be imported or exported from single player to co-op, or between different co-op games. Save files are currently kept by the host player; it is unknown whether the files can be transferred between players manually.

DS3 does not offer other multiplayer modes such as a persistent world or PVP (player vs. player).

Can you use a controller with DS3 on PC?
Yes. The Xbox360 controller is officially supported; other controllers, such as Logitech products, can be configured to work with DSIII using third party tools as x360ce, after a few minutes of tweaking. (This also lets you 're-map' the keys.) You will still be able to use the mouse to navigate the menus while using the controller.

Can I play DS3 on Widescreen mode?
We haven't tested this out a lot, but try going to user.ini in the DS3 folder and try toggling some of the following options to true or false, depending on your aspect ratio:
support_aspect_ratio_4_3	= true 
support_aspect_ratio_16_10	= false 
support_aspect_ratio_custom	= true

Developer Quotes and Comments
The following includes direct quotes from Obsidian developers about DS3, both on this forum and elsewhere. Please PM Tigranes if you've found more quotes that you think should be included.

Also check this thread for news on bug-fixing and patching on release.

Nathaniel Chapman on the DS3 demo:

Also, for the people saying that the combat feels slow, remember that the demo is more or less a somewhat chopped down version of the first hour+ of the game. We actually had to tune down combat quite a bit in that section to avoid destroying players too quickly. I'd say that probably the most intense parts of the demo (the witch caves) are the average intensity level for the rest of the game.

For instance, the witch boss you encounter in the caves is really pretty timid compared to the rest of the boss fights in the game. DS3 has, by far, the best/most epic boss fights of any Obsidian game.

Oh, and finally, if you want an intense combat experience, play the game on Hardcore! It's really where you absolutely have to use all of the mechanics in the game to survive. If you are getting bored because you can win by just mashing "A", you should really crank the difficulty up. Of course, if you're judging by the demo, the rest of the game is more difficult anyways.

Jeyne's motivation is more complex than H8 U LOL, and you do get to learn more about it... after the first hour of gameplay . :)

Honestly I think that there are a lot of pacing issues with the demo. I think cutting out all of the sidequests from the main town and cutting off all the possible branches and various ways you can travel gives a bad impression of the game that isn't really accurate to what the final game is. I'm not saying it's Oblivion but it's better than what you get in the demo.

There are more than 2 side quests in the town in the full game, yes. :)

Jean-Eric Khaliffe on the textures:

The blurriness on the textures is a bug that got introduced, but we were able to fix it in time, so by the time you guys play the full game the texture sharpness should be a lot higher and it will allow you to see a lot more detail in the textures. The quality should match what you've seen in the screenshots we've released. Thank you to those who pointed out the issue, you've been a big help.

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