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Looking to correspond with Developer/Programmer from the gaming industry


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So, I'm contacting all the big game studios today, looking to find a developer from a big company to tell me about his/her career. I need a mentor for my senior project. I was going through studios and decided to try and contact Obsidian. On account of having no email provided, the best method of contact seemed to be the forum here.


So, whether you're a bigwig here at Obsidian or a developer at some little-known startup, I'd like to hear from you. Drop me an email at my provided email address.

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Assuming you are on the level, I hope you get one. BUt all the same simply posting doesn't seem very likely. Not considering how hard they say devs get driven.


Just a thought, but maybe if you did an open source search for your favourite Obsidian Dev, then did a workup on them, THEN asked them to mentor you that might work. It would be flattering, and at the same time would obviate the necessity of you quizzing them on the framework, and get into subtleties.

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