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Game freezes after loading Museum of Art, Rome level


I can't play the Museum of Art level in Rome at all! When starting the mission the level is loaded but the game hangs approximately when the notification of the time and location ( Museum of Art, Rome ) is supposed to fade out. The loading logo comes up and makes half a spin before the freeze.


I've tried unpatch (where the error was first discovered), patched, unmodified config files and modified config files by using the settings here >> http://forums.obsidian.net/index.php?showtopic=56621. However nothing has worked as of yet.


However I'm still able to play through other levels because since the level wouldn't work I went and completed the whole Moscow section of the game. Going back to Rome and the Museum of Art level still doesn't work. I want to resolve this issue before I go to the third location (forgot which that is) because it looks like the level will never work :ermm:





I'm underway with validating the game files in Steam, then I will see if some compability mode fixes the problem...



What follows are nothing related to the thread at hand:


In other news: Steam still doesn't ship with the 1.1 patch, and installing the 1.1 patch from the Internet is a pain in the ass with multiple sources not working and SEGAs own source whining about nonexistent registry entries.


And the game feels a lot like Mass Effect 2, not that that's any problem. I really like it. Probably the most underrated game of this year, if only a majority of the bugs would've been resolved and some design choices would've been changed the game would definietly be worth a lot more. Sorry to hear that SEGA won't be going for a sequel.

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Well, what do you know?! Running the game in Windows XP SP3 Compability Mode solved the problem, and I got pass the cutscene without any problems. :D

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