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Alpha Protocol won't play



I just bought AP today from steam. I downloaded it and everything went smoothly but when i click play two popups appear.


1. The first one says:

Do you want to open or save this program?

Name: activateoffline.html

Type: ChromeHTML, 11.2KB


2. The second one looks like an internet window that says:

Navigation to webpage canceled

what you can try:

retype address


when i click open, it just takes me back to where i have the option to play, uninstall, visit website and exit game. I dont know where to save the file to either. I also validated the game files on steam but it said nothing was missing.


Thank You



Now when i try to open it a different popup appeared:

Name: Main.html

Type: ChromeHTML, 3.42KB

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First time I've heard of this, and it's weird, since the patch should have removed the online activation. Can Steam update the game? Can you try finding the activation folder inside steamapps/AP and see if you can run activation through there?

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