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Piece of info for Wheel Of Time Developers


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Hello to Obsidian,


First time poster but long time fan!


I had to register and make a post when I realised that there was a possible union between this great development company and the Wheel of Time. You see I have been patiently awaiting my chance to be an Asha'man or Rand Al'Thor depending on how you are going to approach the game, and have spent a long time thinking of how the Magic system could be seen to do justice. To be honest I never could come up with a resonable solution but just recently I have played a new game called Two Worlds 2 and their magic system woud be perfect.


You see all magic in the WOT Universe (Aside from Dark Ones) comes from the basic elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit and the actual spells are brought to life by combining (Weaving) these powers in different ways with the most unique being combinations of all 5, please take a look at the spell system that is present in Two Worlds 2 as they use an almost exact same scenario and they combine different cards along with modifiers to create different spells and the variations are truly awe inspiring.


Please do not get me wrong as Reality Pumps system is still very buggy at present but still I think they are really onto something and it would be remiss of me not to point this out to the developers and for them to take a look at this themselves.


One thing that would make the spells a lot more interesting is to give Fire an actual Fire particle animation, and water a water animation and as the spells are created combine the animations so that they look like the weave actually happening in real time it would be amazing!!!!



Players could discover how to travel, how to make a lightning storm, create death gates, balefire etc.... all by experimenting with the spell system literally weaving their own strands of the five threads of the one power.


For example fire,then air,then firex3 combined with a grid type pattern card and a trap modifier would create thin elements of fire like a laser field on the floor as a trap spell


here is a link to more info on the spell system I mentioned spell guide



Danny Love from Ireland!

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Lately I have been realising that developers are really paying attention to the fans, and there is evidence that they do look through these boards and do take on their opinions and suggestions so I wanted to add my voice to this project.


I have discussed the spell system in the above post, but to make this clearer did not mean a duplicate of Reality Pumps idea but rather taking what they have done and elaborating on this, for example reality pump use various types of air, earthy, fire etc.. cards in their system to allow for the multiple effects that can be produced. For example the fire set contains Power, Fire and Force. While the Air set contains Lightning, Air and Life.


They also use an amulet to store the spell combinations, and have a system where if you create a spell with say five fire cards, then those 5 cards are used up and can not be used to create further spells; therefore they treat the spell cards as equipment. However in the WOT I was thinking of the system being exactly as it is in the books meaning that the five threads are just that individual strands that the player blends together, allowing the player to weave the powers together therefore the order and multiples of the type used dictate the pattern and ergo the spell. Meaning that no cards are used, no ties to equipment but rather learnt patterns that can be saved and then hotkeyed.


There would obvioulsy have to be limits on discovering weaves for example character level... ability to draw enough of the source... men are more proficent in earth and fire etc...


The modifier attributes that can help to link the spells and distinguish them from one another and keep spell experimenting high could be a base pattern type for the weave like a grid, a slowly decreasing square pattern, a zig zag chaotic weave, a straight and simple weave etc...


Also another huge part in the WOT for the main character and all Asha'man is the Sword!


The greater community on many gaming sites would agree that sword/weapon combat is most interestign in games like Risen, The Witcher where the player has the option to dodge to use combos and to block. This turns each fight into a kind of mini-game keeping the players attention fixed and interested in fighting, not just click and slash, but timing playing a huge part, watching for on-screen small flashes or triggers to signify the right time to attack on easier levels and no hints on the harder difficulties. This really is an essential part to the game as combat in Oblivion, Two Worlds 1 and 2, Fallout Melee etc... are empty and not inspiring and highly repetitive.


Another great idea would be a minigame to escape from being shielded by enemy aes-sedai or forsaken.


I have buckets of ideas but hopefully this will give the Devs some feedback.



Danny Love from Ireland


Items of power could be Angreal or Sa'Angreal weapons from the age of legends

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