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I've played Dungeon Siege before, i'm hoping this will be like Icewind Dale

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I played Dungeon Siege years ago and I vaguely remember the game being a party-rpg typical of the era, i'm hoping this game will end up being like an Icewind Dale type game. I always enjoyed Icewind Dale, the strategy involved in the game, creating a party to my liking. There hasn't been a game like that in quite some time, Dragon Age is close but Bioware is more focused on making a cinematic "movie game" than the type of game that Baldurs Gate or Icewind Dale was. Give me a old-school top down RPG dungeon crawl. That is what I want to see from this game. Complex character development, and a high replay value. I still play IWD and IWD2 til this day on occasion because I can create my entire party and try different strategies to play through the game. Baldurs Gate is more fun focusing on the characters, though IWD has more replay value for me.


Storm of Zehir was nice, overworld map that you dont see in RPGs anymore (even Final Fantasy, which is sad), random encounters, etc. Miss that type of RPG, too bad that expansion still wasn't enough to satisfy my rpg fix and it wasn't the game that either IWD was.

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Unfortunately Dungeon Siege III seems to be focused much more on co-op play and utilizing a single character's abilities than party combat and in general, seems to diverge a lot from the Icewind Dale type of experience you're looking for. If you're interested there are already videos of a public presentation on YouTube so I can link you to those.

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