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Dear Devs

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I mean, really. Who needs voice-overs? You can add them in later! I'm not picky! It'll add replay value! I'll be fine with subtitles! :)


Who do I have to sleep with to get more juicy details about DS3? Obsidiaaaaaaan! Stop torturing me!!! Pratchett has been quoted as saying, "Multiple exclamation marks are a sure sign of a diseased mind." Are you going to wilfully permit one of your loyal, devoted, loving fans to... to... use multiple exclamation marks?! Surely not! Such a travesty is unheard of! Insane! Ridiculous!


So where's the local information portal? I need my fix and I need it now!


Thankyouverymuch /bows


Edit: Oh... Right, and while I'm at it--can we expect a collector's edition? :lol:

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