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What do you guys think of Homefront? Obviously the game has no real plot whatsoever, since it's "story" involves North Korea conquering the western half of the United States. However, the multiplayer may be successful, could this be the next big multiplayer FPS game like Call of Duty, Halo, Medal of Honor, and Battlefield? Or will it fall through the echelons as a mere footnote in history? Currently the game is slotted to be released in March 2011. Is GameStop accepting pre-orders for this game yet? Also, what special incentives do people who pre-order at GameStop get? Like do you get a special in-game weapon, or free DLC, or a key-chain, or t-shirt or what? Will other stores, like Best Buy and Amazon.com, be offering the same incentives as GameStop? Anyway, here's the game's official website and trailer:





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According to Volo, that is just what I do :)

Do you enjoy it?


It's better than my previous job as a bridge troll. I can work from home, and there is less worry over large goats and my lack of swimming skills.


We do have a thread for all your random announcements here, so you don't take over the front page with new threads.



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