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Co-Op Questions

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I have looked all over for specific details on this, and I haven't really found any. Obviously DS3 will have co-op. Definitely "couch" co-op and I would assume online as well. I am only concerned with the console version of this game. In the NYCC presentation the way that co-op seemed to work was that a second player just took the role of the companion that was already following the first player. (correct me if I am wrong) and if this is the case does it mean that 2 people can't play co-operatively with their characters. Does the second (and third and fourth) player just assume a predetermined role? Or can the game be played by 2 (or more) people with the characters that these people have developed. I would assume that this is how it works since most other console games similar to this work in this way. (Sacred 2, Champions of Norrath, Baldur's Gate etc..) but if it isn't I won't even consider playing this game.


If anyone can answer this question or show me where there are details of the co-op mode I would greatly appreciate it.

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