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TSLRCM and HK Factory *spoilers?*

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Hey all, new to the board, but have just rekindled my interest with KOTOR2 and I have to say, this story is even more amazing with this mod installed, but I have a couple quick questions.


In the HK Factory, when I pick up the HK 51 behavior datapad from the dead HK 50 in the office, where do I use this? the terminals are locked and I cannot access them and the terminal with the HK 50's only allows me to upload HK 50 behavior core and combat upgrades, other than that I am forced to shut down the factory and that's it, is that all there is to it? does this have an effect on the ending with HK 47 and GOTO?


Also, I received the part of the ending where GOTO makes HK47 go after remote, what was I supposed to do to have HK47 take out GOTO?


Thanks anyone and everyone for any answers.

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I still can't seem to figure this out, what are the differant paths that you can take with the HK Factory? nowhere have I been able to upload this datapad or use it in any way, does anyone know what its for and how to use it? I heard you can get the HK-51s to side with you, how do you go about doing this?

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Visit them before the HK-50's...




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Well I went to that side first, picked up the behavior datapad for the HK 51, and then nothing...the computer terminal on that side is locked and I can't do anything other than go to the HK 50 side, am I missing something or did something wrong? Or was my game bugged and didnt know it...

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You can get HK-47 to kill G0-T0 if you first activate some HK-1 droids from the first part

of the HK factory, before you do the second area.

There is a room in the middle somewhere which has a pull-chain which is

part of the quest (if I recall correctly).

The computer terminal in that room allows you to make or activate

some HK-51s which HK-47 can use even if he shuts down both production lines.

Then in the second area you first go to the HK-51 area on the

right-hand side first, where the dead droid has the datapad.


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