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Game-breaking Crash On Dxun

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Okay, okay, let me introduce myself, this is my first post and all. I'm Matt L, or Higher Tomorrow as I go by on teh internetz. Anyway, I'm going to say this before anyone rages at me, I'm a 360-player (I have all consoles actually, but I mainly play 360) and go ahead, flame me to death, whatever, I'm used to it since I started as a PS3 guy.



Anyway, I'm on Dxun, I've completed Dantooine and Nar Shadaa (in that order) already. I'm lawful good, and have trained Mira and Handmaiden to be Jedi. My planetary path went like this: Dantooine -> Dxun part 1 -> Nar Shadaa -> Dxun part 2.


So I get back to the Mandalorian's camp, and I'm asked who I want to send to the Sith Tomb. Now I took quite a long time figuring this out, but I eventually decided upon Visas, Mandalore, and Bao-Dur in that order. Everything goes perfectly fine up until I complete the tomb. I ask what happened to my player character, and the Merc Camp loads up.


Now, the screen is of my player character's back in front of the Mandalorian docking bay. The subtitles read, 'Xarga says he and your friends are making good progress through the jungle. Trust me, this is worth the wait.', however Zuka says none of this and doesn't even appear. It's just my player character. I can't move, can't skip, and I can't go to the main menu.


I've spent 19 hours into this playthrough, and it's the fastest and best playthrough I've ever done. I've beaten the game at least 3 times before, but only on the original Xbox, and I always do the same planetary order, and at least one of those named characters has been on the Sith Tomb assault team on any of the 3 playthroughs.



Spoilered, although I doubt anyone here hasn't beaten the game at least once.


Please, any help?

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It seems no one has been able to help me yet. Google search reveals that only one other person (that I can find) has ever had this problem and had the same setup as me.


There goes 20 hours.

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This is probably a glitch. I dont know what could trigger it though. You might want to load an older save game or do the Sith Tomb again.


No matter how many times I redid the Sith Tomb, the same thing happened. I started a new playthrough (I also shaved 4 hours off the previous playthrough) and all I can say is: Don't use Visas Marr or Mandalore. I completed the Sith Tomb with Handmaiden, Hanharr, and Bao-Dur.

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