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KOTOR II, a near perfect Game!

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KOTOR II, is the only game that I know of with solutions to some of its shortcomings, available to the player while playing the game!


This is indeed very creative for a game that is said, to be incomplete.


Case in point: if you play KOTOR going to one world at a time and all quests there, you will inevitably turn some of your party members to Jedi or Sith more than halfway through the game.


There is a solution to this, it does require the EBON HAWK and that your Exile is a male.


After your first sparing match with the Handmaiden, head to Narshadaa and do some influence gaining quests, with the goal of turning Atton or Bao-Dur, or both into Jedi or Sith. Also, be sure to get your light saber.


Then get ready to leave Narshadaa and most likely, meet Visas Marr.

Now head to Dantooine to get your personal light saber crystal. On Dantooine, there is a missing sensor's quest that will get you more influence with either Bao-Dur or Atton; if you haven't turned them into a Jedi or Sith already.


After getting your personal crystal, it is time to go to Onderon.

Why Onderon? A little tip, you will get from Master Vrook later in the game about the more people you kill, the more powerful you get.


Indeed, Master Ed Asner (Vrook), is correct one of the ways to get the most experience points is to kill people or animals. And you need to get to level 18, in order to train the Handmaiden to be a Jedi or Sith.


After, your first mission to Dxun and Onderon, you should be a level 18 Jedi or Sith.

This way, you will have everyone but Mira a Jedi and you will have three planets and no waiting upon which to use them; before returning to Dxun!

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I know it isn't usual to reply to your own post, however there are other reasons, I think KOTOR II is a near perfect game.


One of those reasons is that if you do not accept Battle-Meditation from the Handmaiden before you accept Force Sight from Visas Marr, the Handmaiden will get jealous and think you are in danger of becoming a Sith. Then you have to choose how to resolve that. This is great story writing, and a great quest all its own.


Another story reason this is a great game, is that you have a character like Kreia always advising you to take both the light and the dark path and make use of both the light and dark side of force: and sure enough, on a planet like Narshadaa, in the Refugee Sector you get more experience points and more Force Powers for killing both the Serroco and Exchange. This throws both peaceful Jedi code and manipulative Sith code out the airlock. That's original for any sci-fi game or story! :aiee:


The biggest reason that I think this game is perfect despite the storyline taking a big dip once you go to Malachor is that Malachor in general and the Trayus Academy in particular require all of your Force Powers and all of the light saber styles, you learned throughout the game. This makes Malachor, a perfect action game.


Even the much-maligned Windows Vista can make this game fun! That is right I said, Windows Vista. Much like learning a new force power from Kreia, Handmaiden, Visas Marr or Bao-Dur you can go on a quest through Windows Vista looking for Windows Speech Recognition and use that to dictate creative ideas such as these.


You can almost hear Bao-Dur say, General I have discovered a new Force Power that will not only allow you to talk to and understand Droids: the Droids will type what you say; no Light Saber required! :facepalm:


If you were to rate the KOTOR II like a baseball play, you wouldn't say it is a grand slam home run but you might say it is a triple!


For a game that was rushed to market, this game is darn good! :)

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And there is a good mod for the missing parts of the game :



One more thought, I like KOTOR II Mods too! I just hadn't mentioned that for simplicities sake; one of my favorite Mod's lets me construct a Light Saber at any Med. Table. You can make this work with the story line by only using the early Light Saber on Solo Peragus adventures.


One reason this works, is you get the Feat Deflect Energy with Light Saber on Level 2, but don't get your Light Saber until Level 12.


Another Reason this works, is Atton is right about "More Slaughter per Swing with a Double-Bladed Saber; and often with this Game all your Jedi or Sith get their Double-Bladed Saber near the End of The Game.


This also saves the time of having to take out all the upgrades in the other Sabers and put them in the Double-Bladed ones as the game supplies them!


Last but not least this gets rid of one weird story Element in the Game. From what I can get from the Movies; Jedi and Sith Build their own Light Sabers; but in Kotor II only the Exile does and Everybody else has to Scavenge for their Light Saber.

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Hmm but where are the Easter Eggs? Like how if you beat it three times and play female Atton throws out a "Are you an Angel?" line when you first meet him lol.


Oh and I think that's Battle Precognition, not Battle Meditation. Battle Meditation is a basic power, and one which I hear can be used in some dialogue, while Battle Precognition is the wisdom bonus.


Oh and not everyone likes double-blades. Fewer critical hits, even with more basic damage and two attacks on one crystal set. Not to mention that duelists romanticize single bladed combat, which is cheaper as far as feats are concerned :p. Also, two single lightsabers lets you double up your attribute bonus crystals as they don't stack lightsaber crystal attribute bonuses when placed together in one saber.


I must admit however that it would be interesting to see two double blade sabers wielded at once... ;)

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I don't often use double-bladed. I generally begin with a simple then a small one and a normal one. The named crystal generally goes in the small one as any def bonus and the critical and damage bonus go in the main hand saber.


Also, I like to have to wait before acquiring my lightsaber. It gives a feeling of reward.

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