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Is it just me, or combat armors are too weak. For minor boost in endurance, you get both more noise, and less inventory and upgrade slots.


I just started again with "badass" solider build, and I couldn't find any good reason to get any of advanced combat suits. Utility suits are just too superior.


For reference, here is table with armor stats from AP wikia:



Basic Interceptor Body Armor has just +5 Endurance over SWAT Utility Armor, and loses 1 point in sound dampening, one inventory and one upgrade slot.


More advanced versions have +10 and +15 over similar utility armor, while losing 2 points in sound dampening and one inventory and upgrade slot.


And single upgrade slot can net you +10-15 endurance points, with loss of just 1 or less in sound dampening.



On the other hand, stealth and utility armors seem pretty balanced with each other. You lose single upgrade and inventory, but can get something that no upgrade can give you: better sound dampening. Plus, loss in endurance is really minor, just 5 points in all cases.

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