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Ziplines/jumps/ladders not usable





I thought there was already a topic for this, but I can't find it.

Sometimes some of the special displacement options can't be activated and no menu appears.

I know that reloading may solve the issue.


But coupled with the checkpoints saves, it's really tedious.


Ex : Omen Deng fight inside the memorial. There are around three waves of ennemies as you climb on the structures. Well, I had some difficulties in the fight at the beginning, a bit surprised by enemies coming from different directions, but that's fair.

But then, at least successfully arrived at the top of the structure, I just have no option to activate the zipline.

I will need to reload and do all the fight again.

Can't we just have a debug mode that would allow free save ? Or direct activation of ziplines/jumps/ladders through a console command ?

That would help circumvent those annoying small bugs. At least on PC.

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