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Game Freezes on Loading Screen in Dxun

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I'm not using a PC so this isn't a Vista problem. All other glitches that I've had have either been nonexistent or haven't interfere with my game play. I'm still running on an old Xbox system, but I really hope this isn't the problem. Note, I've considered that it's the system, not the disc, but I've heard KOTOR2 doesn't play well with 360's either.


I go to Dxun and upon landing I tried following the guide to the camp and walking there on my own. It loads, the music starts, then stops and the screen in frozen on the loading screen for the Mandalorian camp. This is slowly driving me insane since I have yet to complete this game because of the freezing.


What I have tried; there has been reloading, the whole confusing 3 game playing and then starting KOTOR again to clear the hard drive whatever (I am totally tech savvy), deleting the games and starting a whole new game. EACH and EVERY time this happens.


So, anyone want to give this a go even if it's not a PC problem? Please?


Edit: A lot of my files tell me that they are Damaged Saves as well after I reload them, thus rendering them useless. *pulls out hair*

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