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Glitch with Hacking

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Okay, problem solved. I had to use the SPACE key for the left string.


Don't know why it said USE key though.


Well you're doing better than me - I've been stuck at the first hacking tutorial for he past one and a half hours (!) and I cannot for the life of me work out what I'm spposed to do!


The numbers keep changing, and even if I do manage to find a sequence that stays still, it changes by the time I manage to drag the code sequence to where is is...or rather was.


Can anyone help me out?


Is there any way of proceeding without having to undergo this seemingly impossible task? I feel like Sysiphus here, and it's really wrecking my enjoyment of the game - what little of it I have been able to see that is.



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You seem to have the gist of it as far as I can understand the hacking. You have two lines of code on top, you need to find those two lines of code in the mass of switching numbers. The two lines in the mass changes place if you take too long, I think the time may be affected by your skill level in the Sabotage (or was it Technical Aptidude) skill tree. Your level of skill also changes how long the lines of code are, a higher skill results in longer lines of code, making them easier to spot.

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