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Possibility of another hand-drawn


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Hello! I'm one of the old fans of fantasy and your work, especially the Icewind Dale series (you are Black Isles' intellectual descendant, are you not?). I know what I point out in the title is silly, since the world is still in 3D amazement and RPG is constantly changing to meet all the newly born expectations of todays kids... but is there a possibility for you to create just one more game for us? A Hand-drawn 2D marvel (in HD :lol:) with the old gameplay system, quality music and voice over. When I listen to Easthaven's or Targos' theme songs I'm still moved to tears. (No new game with magical 3D tricks can match the beauty of a hand-drawn one. Don't mention cel-shaded stuff pls, I'm not talking about that. =))


Another NWN would also be fine but one like the original NWN2 or Mask of the Betrayer. Zehir was too far gone with that all that trading stuff.



My papa is Conlan. He's a blacksmith in Kuldahar. He's *this* big and *this* tall, and if he were here, he'd beat the stuffin' out of these monsters. "Pow, pow" "Oof. Argh!" That last sound was the lizards and spiders getting beat up... not my dad.

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