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Questions and hellos


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Hello all at obsidian!


I am an aspiring video game designer myself with my second year in school.

Anywho, I was wondering if there was any plans to update the third person animations...? so it does not look like the person is always walking on a flat surface

or walking/running in an unrealistic manner?


Will the person be able to sprint at the cost of AP? there was a mod for it in fallout 3 which really caught on. (just asking it seems like it would be a fun element)

But all Im really asking is more realism in the third person animations maybe not just flailing a sword about but actually piercing, stabbing, slashing, and thrusting.


I love obsidian's work on the original fallout titles, but to see the flaws of fallout 3 completely removed would be awesome for new vegas.


The characters need more weight to them, and maybe a little more than just a stride in their step...maybe something with the feet actually making contact with whatever surface they are on.


Iono this is just my two cents from playing fallout 3, and noting that you guys are using the same system.


Now I know legal matters restrict the info you can give out but at least take this into consideration with the animation dept.


Oh, and last but not least...more long haired hairstyles. and maybe static animation robes/trench coats/hair LOL


Sorry I am a visuals buff, the trailers trench coat animation was beautiful if that were semi achieveable in game...that would rock.


Sorry for so many questions and suggestions, you guys are the professionals and you rock at what you do and your focus may not be visuals as much as quest lines at the moment....but please consider it!

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I imagine it would be really REALLY tricky to do that ebcause of having to model what was under their feet, then transferring the impact up the body. But I get what you're driving at.

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