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Damaged Disks?

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Since your original post mentioned the "redundancy error" if it isn't a damaged disk, my very wild guess: maybe something's wrong with a registry entry for the game, for whatever reason, and it's impeding the install. Not all registry entries delete from system when you uninstall the game. Which entry it would be and how to figure that out, I'm afraid I don't have a clue. :shifty:


My other "wild guess" would be there's a damaged sector on your actual HD and for some reason the game keeps trying to install it in that sector and failing. Or that your CD-DVD drive has just become picky (you could try w/another drive, if you have one).


And my one possible "wild solution", taken from this thread, would be to copy the contents of the one CD onto hard drive and when install wants that disc, point to that directory folder instead of the CD drive.


P.S. - IIRC, just because one cleans the surface of the CD, doesn't mean there can't still be damaged data on the CD. Dirt/scratches are a main cause, but sometimes discs just degrade below the layer that's safe to 'resurface' clean & become unreadable by the little laser beam...they're not infallible.

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Outside of finding an old drive, I'm about run out of possible solutions. The only other thing I can think is to try swapping out the DVD/CD drive if you can find a spare, finding another copy of the install discs (I did for myself with KOTOR 1. My original Disc 1 stopped working, so I picked up a second copy of the game which let me use the faulty disc 1 to pass the CD Check), or try seeing if the game runs on someone else's computer.



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