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Missing textures on models

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Hey all,


I recently bought KoToR II after playing and finishing KoToR I. Please note that I never had any problems with KoToR I.


So anyway, it is running on Vista and actually getting the game to start and play was quite easy, thanks to the help from this forum (changing the DLL and stuff like that). But the one weird thing is is that the models in the game (such as the PC and NPC's, doors, containers etc) lose their texture when viewed from certain angles, so that I can see my character and the other NPC's but they are all grey, rather than textured. This image may show better what I mean:




With doors, well, the doors just are not visible, which is kind of funny because it means that I can see what is behind the door before I open it, although I sometimes only find out that the door is there by running into it.


I have tried stuff like turning the resolution down to 800x600 and even updating to this 1.0c unofficial update which is meant to improve textures, but it did not work. It is not the worst thing in the world, because I can still play the game, but it is kind of irritating. NOTE: I think it is worth mentioning again, this only happens at certain camera angles. If I move the camera around, the textures re-appear, which IMO makes it even more weird. Any suggestions


My system info is as follows:



System Information


Time of this report: 10/16/2009, 11:33:02

Machine name: THORNE-PC

Operating System: Windows Vista

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Have you tried different graphics drivers?


No, I had not thought about that since everywhere else I have read (LucasArts official support for example) says that for my systems and my graphics card I should use the latest drivers...but I suppose the question is what where the latest drivers when that advice was written. I can give it a go I suppose.

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