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KOTOR2 on Vista / problem getting to main directoryHELP****

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MKay, So im a long time fan of KOTOR (bought the first one when it came out and have loved it ever since) So, recently I got in the mood to play it again so I purchased KOTOR2: TSL for the PC with out the knowledge that complications would occur had my OS should be Vista. And....It is...


So i did some digging and found some patches like mss32.dl. I have no problem with putting/saving the patch into the KOTOR2 Main Directory. The problem is getting the main directory onto my computer.


I'll put Disk one in and it just won't come up at all, the installation screen won't come up or anything.

So I gave a shout to an agent at lucasarts and asked him the problem. He said that there may be software on the computer that stops the disk from starting up. Software or Programs like Roxio. I really am having Starwars withdraws here waiting on Star wars The Old Republic MMO to come out and

I need mah fiX!!!!! please someone...spare me, help me out please. Im in need of guidence.


PS: New to this forum so..we'll see how active/friendly tha community is....I swear id be in debt to who ever helps me

Also...Ima huge Starwars fan ~_^

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