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KotOR II major problem

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I have just recently bought and installed KotOR II on my computer and I was excited to play it since my XBOX was lost to me and I sold my origional KotOR 2 for my XBOX. To make a long story short I began to cheat with my character, giving him all sorts of status changes and editing his DS points because from what many can gather I strive on being the evil character. Well if I wasn't as angry as hell when I began to notice that everyone in my party began to change rapidly. Everyone excluding Kraiya would begin to change randomly, appearing with full LS points in one scene than from leveling up or leaving a scene they would change to full DS points. This angered me so much that I finally said to hell with cheats and recreated my character but lo and behold the dismay I found to realize that it was still happening. This time I haven't used cheats and yet still it is happening. I need to know if this is something I am doing or if it is something wrong with the game and if so how can I fix it if it is possible to fix? BTW if it makes any difference I have EnableCheats=1 right now so just say so if I need to turn that off to fix my little problem.

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