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I just purchased kotor2, and seeing as I had already completed it on xbox yrs ago thought I'd use some cheats.


However there are no ini files in my SWKotor2 folder I have 2 configuration files 1) swplayer and 2) swkotor2 in there I have tried under game options to put "EnableCheats=1" with no success. They seem to be a very scaled down versions of the ini file with multiple "game option" headers and different than what I remember from kotor1.


Any help would be appreciated? I have searched these forums and online just cant find an answer.



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There is an ini file however, it is not named so. It is called swkotor 2. It is actually a notepad file. Under game options, Type EnableCheats=1 without any spaces. Then save the notepad. Then after you start the game, pres the "`" key without the quotes. the "`" key is located immediately below the Escape key. The console will not be visible like it was in kotor. Type the cheat and press enter. For example after pressing "`", type "revealmap" without quotes and press "enter". Now press the "M" button on the keyboard. your whole map will be revealed and you will be able to see everything. IF this works, then the cheats are working. Remove whatever you have typed in the swplayer notepad.

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