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Dragon Age Origins


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CaDo different choices in the origins actually change things both in the origin and throughout the game?



From what I have heard of the Dwarf Noble, definitely yes. There is one choice in the Dwarf Noble story that I know will play out a bit differently when you return to Orzammar in the main plot. It's not a huge difference, but for me it's the little details that are different that I still enjoy ;( I could see the mage having some as well, and probably the City Elves.



Changes/decisions in the origin story usually aren't too significant. It'd be awesome if there was more significance, but the game still needs to steer the player along towards the main plot at some point. The big thing that I really like is that the rest of the game does make acknowledgments to your origin story.


I only played through with Human Noble, so I imagine most of my origin story can only be acknowledged somewhat superficially (there was some bigger impacts at the end game though, due to my noble heritage), but I would think that the Dwarf stories, as well as the Mage and City Elf stories, have much greater potential as you actually revisit the areas you were in in your origin story.

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Oops, sorry Alan...


Same topic


Yeah, I know, you beat me by 30 seconds ;(

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