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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II Patch 1.0a Error

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Hi,I recently installed Kotor II on my computer. Since I just installed it, I decided to updated it using the latest updates.


I downloaded patch version 1.0a for kotor II and wanted to update my game. But when i started the process it stopped at 33% and gave me an error I can't figure out.


Here is a link to the error message, if anyone has any knowledge about this issue please help me.




I have my own CD and I got this game with my own money. This is not a crack or anything this is an official game.


Please help I really want to update my game because I heard these updates offer a lot of bug fixes.


Thanks in advance


Please Forgive me if I put this in a wrong area of the forums, I am new to this forum and don't really know where

everything is.

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Guest Slinky

If you have UK game, install first 1.0a UK patch, then 1.0b UK patch.

If you have US game, install only 1.0b patch


That error means you are trying to intall wrong region patch.



If you have US game, you need only this


If your game is UK or some other, go here

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