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Black Screen After Intro(Take a look, this is diffrent)

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This is a common problem with the Intel 82945 Express Chip-set Family, it says so on the official website, the game crashes after the intro movie, but later on it works fine


I've tried every possible solution there is but nothing worked :(


I was just wondering is someone could possibly send me a Save File, right after the intro or once your in control with your character, I would like a Jedi Sentinel, i can update the rest of the stats with the Save Game Editor :)


If i cannot request something like this on the forums, could someone possibly tell me another solution to this?


Oh and theres nothing wrong with my graphic driver i believe, I've been able to run Red Alert 3 and C&C3 Tiberium Wars with this graphic card and also Kotor 1


Would doing some changes to the graphic card do something, from the OpenGl Setting?


Thank You



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I had the almost the same issue on my laptop. My game went past the Star Wars Speech and when it moved on to the prologue it crashed and I was never able to get past that point. I am not sure how to fix this issue.


The only way i fixed it is because i build a pc that has 5 times the requirements that are necessary. I have a much stronger video card.


But yeah, i think your video card is just not strong enough to pull it, probably.


But here are some simple steps to try


Get the latest updates for your computer


Latest drivers for your video card


Try playing the game on low graphics, I mean lower everything to the lowest point.


Resolution: put it to 800-600


There is an option that will allow you to configure the game, try disabling movies and all that crap, see if that helps.


Intel video cards are not really that good for this type of game.


The other post that you made, i am not sure how to make the thing skip and move the character, dont know how :ermm:


Sorry, if these don't work :lol:

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