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Where can I find Grey Jedi robes?

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Im Halfway thru Nar-Shaddaa and I cant find them anywhere.. I heard its possible to find them on Dxun but I dont want to go on Luck.. is there anywhere certain where I can find Grey Jedi Robes?


Also this is for Xbox if that makes a difference.


Random item generator unfortunetly. Best bet is to look on Telos with Dendis Dobo, if not there you may get one later on from one of the Sith or Jedi you kill. Almost 100% of the time you'll always get a few on Malachor from the Trayus Academy, unfortunetly the games pretty much over by then. You can try the Rodian female merchant on Nar Shaddaa too, after you do her quest you'll get access to her 'special items', lots of cool stuff, it may be in there.

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