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Just beat this game on LS but wanna play thru again.. Need good LS Sentinel Build.(spoilers)

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You know, when at I think Level 15, and with at least 3/4ths up on either dark side or Light Side, you can talk to Kreia and she'll give you additional training by adding a class, Jedi Weaponmaster LS, Sith Marauder DS (Jedi Guardian), Jedi Watchman LS, Sith Assassin DS (Jedi Sentinel), or Jedi Master LS, Sith Lord DS (Jedi Consular). After Sentinel,you could go Weapon Master to give more feats because as a Sentinel you get a fair share of Foce Powers, while as Weapon Master, and 100% light, a +3 strength is acquired, also use Dominator Gloves, +5 Strength, and so on. This is what I like to do if I go Sentinel:


Jedi Sentinel

Jedi Weapon Master


Dominator Gloves (gives +5 strength)

Immortality Belt (Decreases amount of damage taken greatly)

Universal Implant (+2 to all Attributes)

Nomi's Robe (+4 to Wisdom)


Or something like that. Since Nomi's Robe cant be found, try a Gray Jedi Robe so you at least get a +2 Charisma. Remember that the Universal Implant requires 18 Constitution, so start with a high Constitution and high Wisdom for those extra Force Points, and buff you strength up a bit.


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