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weird graphic bug,please help

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Hi,i have a problem with Kotor 2 graphics (this happen with kotor 1 too)...everything looks weird and bugged ,look at these screenshots:










i know my PC sucks,but kotor ran on this rig without problems


ATI Radeon 9600 (newest catalyst driver)

1,5 gb RAM

3 Ghz Processor


i played this game half year ago with no problems at all...no graphic bugs etc


some kotor 1 screenshots:





please help :biggrin:

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Guest Slinky

Newest catalyst as in 9.7? That driver version no longer support ATI Radeon 9600. I'm not sure when they cut support for it, so you should find the newest catalyst version that does support it and try that.




I did some diggin up for you, and it looks like that the newest (and the last) catalyst driver that supports your card is 9.3. Try those, but if that does not work you might want to try the same drivers that you had when both KotORs worked.

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Guest Slinky

Cool. By the way, there is a way to install cat 9.3 and still use cat 6.9 with both KotORs if you want to:


1. Now that you have cat 6.9 installed, search atioglxx.dll from windows\system32 directory and copy it somewhere safe

2. Uninstall cat 6.9 and install cat 9.3

3. Copy atioglxx.dll to KotOR1 and TSL install directory


Now you have cat 9.3 installed so every other game/app you have uses that and KotORs uses the cat 6.9 opengl driver you have in their install directory! I used this trick myself earlier so I can tell that it works.

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Deathdealer hey thanks a billion id of never thought about doubleing up on a driver that way and it worked like a charm.


also i never ever post on forums usually i just read till i fix my problem because evreyone gets mad about junk posts or repeats so i just dont post lol.


but this issue had bothered me for like a week and i am glad someone out there had a solution

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This thread helped me too, because i also experienced the same problem.

After i followed your instructions, death, when i installed an older driver and copied the atioglxx.ddl file into a safe place, the following step didn't worked on my PC. I assume that the install directory is ...Program Files/LucasArts/SWKotOR2. When i copied the atioglxx.dll file there nothing happened after when i launched the Kotor exe.

I have ATI Radeon 9550 128MB graphic card. Currently i have updated my driver to the latest version.


I hope my message is clear due to my bad english but anyway forward thanks.


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Haha, I didn't remember I had posted in here.


@chriside420: Dunno are you still here, but no problem -_-


@otha: KotOR's have unbelievably picky engines, especially with ATI cards/drivers. If the OpenGL driver in cat 6.9 doesn't work, then only thing you could try is to start testing different driver versions until you find one that works. That could be painful though. I suggest you try to google up any recommendations from people what driver version might work.


And your english is fine :o

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