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Jedi Knight: Knights of the Force

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It's a fake. They guy stole a hell of a lot of content, and the rest seems to be invented. He's been trolling the SW/Jedi Academy community for six years. AFAIK, the current release doesn't work - and he's been promising imminent release for years.


It's similarly been doing the rounds for about as long. From what I can tell, the current release is a collection of custom skins an a few maps - none of which were probably made by TimFX - promising to be "part I" of the mod.


Seriously, don't give this guy the time of day. He's a scammer. He's gone so far as to get people to "donate" to his mod before.


Edit: news page from JK3Files on the subject: http://jediknight3.filefront.com/news/Knig...m_JKFiles;36708. You might find something to your taste there. The Open Jedi Project, JA+ and Movie Battles II all seem to be quite popular.

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