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Help SEGA Europe interview Obsidian at GamesCon 2009

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It's funny, I got very little questions at the dev team, to be honest. The amount and level of information has been prettty much just right for the moment, so barring seeing some PS3 (unlikely) or getting some info on EU bonus content (The Publisher's purview, anyway), I'm concentrating on anticipation.



p.s. IGN AU is posting the 25 most anticipated games of the year. Alpha Protocol was not at 25-11, so it BETTER be in the top 10 or I will migrate elsewhere o:)

You're a cheery wee bugger, Nep. Have I ever said that?


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I'm afraid if I ask a question about something related to the PC/PC gaming, my question will just be ignored. :thumbsup:


(ignored by Sega, not Obsidian)


EDIT: Oh well, I'll take the chance. Worst case is I'm completely ignored, which is what I expect.

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