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Scrapped/early concepts and ideas from KOTOR II

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With the authorization from Matthew, I'm opening this thread here with questions to the devs about scrapped/early concepts and ideas from KOTOR II. We realize most of this stuff was cut/moved/modified very early in the developement and doesn't have much to do with the final storyline, but we fans were always curious about it. We would be extremly glad to ever get an answer or an explanation on any of the stuff from the list :)


1. Atris as Darth Traya

- how was Atris suppoused to become the Lady of Betrayal in this scrapped idea? Was it in case Kreia was redeemed/killed?

- Was there ever an idea to allow the player to "choose" tha game's final boss?

- How would she make Sion obey her orders?

- Did she also want to kill the Force as Kreia? If not, what were her her motives?


2. Atris as a playble character

- was she suppoused to be a full-time party member, or perhaps just a temporary one (presumably in the game's ending)?

- Was the Handmaiden (Brianna) introduced in place of Atris?


3. Kreia ordering Visas Marr to take her to Darth Nihilus - after the Dantooine Enclave Meeting with the Jedi Masters:

- was this an early/alternate scene to Handmaiden taking Kreia to Atris?

- did it tie somehow with the concept of Atris as a playable (joining you to help defeat Nihilus)?


4. The Exile's death on Nar Shaddaa - after Dessicus blows the Jekk'Jekk Tarr up:

(includes: Darth Sion's arrival on Nar Shaddaa to investigate the news about the Exile's death and the scene between Sion and Nihilus on Ravager)

- was Nar Shaddaa suppoused to be the second to last "final" planet instead of Telos Redux?

- how in general the concept of Exile's death was suppoused to work?


5. Locations/characters/events from the Droid Planet M4-78 that were moved elsewhere after the planet was cut:

- was the HK factory ever suppoused to be on M4-78?

- Was G0-T0 (the droid) ever suppoused to be a part of M4-78 storyline and/or be recruited as a party member on M4-78 instead of on Nar Shaddaa?


6. Bao-Dur's Fate:

- What was really suppoused to happen with Bao-Dur at the end of the game? Did you plan to send him on some solo mission in the game's ending (perhaps assist HK-47 in the HK Factory)?

- Why Kreia was unale to predict his future? Was it because he was killed? Is it true he was suppoused to die on M4-78?

- What was the context for his cut line "Make my sacrifice matter"?


7. Hanrarr, Mandalore and T3-M4 on Malachor V:

- we know Hanharr was suppoused to save the Exile by throwing him onto Ebon Hawk in case Malachor V was destroyed. What would his ending be if the planet wasn't blown up though?

- There is a loading screen in the game in which you can see Mandalore and Visas walking on the Malachor V surface. What was Mandalore's ending suppoused to be? Was there any planned?

- Where was T3-M4 all the time during the game's finale? Is it as we always assumed that he simply stayed on Ebon Hawk?



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