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God Damn crashing

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I'm pretty stuck, I'm on Dantooine, enter Khoonda repair the droids, recruit Suulru, spoke to Zherron and Adare, fixed the turrets to attack hostiles, upgraded some items, and fixed the medical droid, and when I want to exit Khoonda to recruit Dillan, Jorran, and Akerre, the god damn game goes black at the loading screen. The game seems to love to crash and very frequently too, like after every transition. It started on Onderon, got through that though, not easy too. I do have like 353 saved games, does that have something to do with it?


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Heh, I recently got into a crashing frenzy on Onderon myself. Everytime I exited or entered the marketplace - black screen. Best is to quicksave frequently and suffer through it til you leave the planet.

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